Friday, October 9, 2009

Twinkle Belts....SOOO STYLISH!!!

Twinkle Boutique is debuting a trendy collection of fabric belts designed by the fantastic Wendy Jordan of Charlotte, NC.
Getting to know Wendy...Twinkle Boutique interviews Wendy below:
TB: Can you share with our Twinkle friends a little about yourself...your background...your interests?
WJ: I have always been somewhat of a creative and free spirited soul. As a child, I grew up in a small southern town and used my imagination and creativity to entertain myself and older sister. I enjoyed making paper dolls, sketching, painting, and designing costumes. I followed my interests as I grew older and obtained a degree in Clothing & Textiles from Appalachian State University. I explored various careers in the fashion industry after graduating college, but always knew that my true passion was for design.
After leaving the work force to start a family, I began considering various ways to further use my talents. For many ladies, handbags or shoes have long been an essential part of their wardrobe. Belts have always been my accessory of choice. They can dress up a favorite pair of jeans or serve as the finishing touch on an evening gown. They are quite simply fabulous! I began designing and making ladies belts in 2009. It has been a fun, exciting and rewarding experience. I am filled with gratitude for the encouragement from my family, friends, and clients. Their support has helped make my dreams a reality.
TB:What is your inspiration behind designing the belts?
WJ:I am continually inspired by southern heritage. I have a flair for classic patterns, such as toile and houndstooth. I love to enhance the belts with a twist of color or personalization. I enjoy combining traditional design with fun and surprising elements. I strive to make each belt unique with a classic preppy style in mnd.
TB:Thanks Wendy! We LOVE your stylish belts and are so honored to showcase them at Twinkle Boutique!!

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