Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Twinkle Home Parties!

The holidays are just around the corner! There are tons of presents to buy and people to see and I can’t think of a better way to enter the season then to throw yourself and your girlfriends a Twinkle Party! These parties are perfect for any group of girlfriends who love a little bling… or a lot! Twinkle parties are FANTASTIC for a great girl’s night in of eating, drinking, and jewelry shopping! Invite as many people as you can think of! Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, whoever you know that loves looking FABULOUS! Have fun with your girlfriends while getting your holiday shopping done and finding that perfect gift for yourself while you’re there with the WAY affordable prices! The best part of hosting your own party? You will receive $15.00 boutique credit and 10% boutique credit of all sales dollars at the end of the party, as well as receive $15 for every home party booked through yours. How awesome is that…because every girl enjoys a little sparkle!

“I love to host Twinkle parties because I know that my friends will love the jewelry & the price! As a Mom of 4 with very little opportunity to get dolled up…it’s so fun to get together with my friends & pamper ourselves with fun glitzy girl time!” – Holly, a Twinkle Party Host

"Hosting a Twinkle Party is a fantastic way to make special time for girlfriends, fun, shopping and awesome jewelry all wrapped into one!" – Kelly, a Twinkle Party Host

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