Thursday, November 3, 2011

Knits & Mits

It's that time of year where the goodness of a warm cozy knit sweater does the body good!  We love to pair up Twinkles with all of our cold weather apparel.  This time of year we see so many vibrant colors and turquoise is one of those shades that you can wear all year long.  

Above we accessorize with Twinkle's "Teal Away With Me" cocktail ring {$18} which gives you that sparkling pop of color.  Worn with a pair of comfy cable knit gloves - fingerless of course - it's a look that shows great style but oh so simple!

We're loving FALL so far...are you?!!

xo Tonya & Caroline

1 comment:

  1. Fingerless gloves are hot! Everyone's sporting them in NYC. I know I've mentioned this before; it's important to stay "bright" in the colder months. Twinkle jewelry, red lipstick (yes you can!), a positive attitude, and a warm smile are essential. Don't underestimate the impact they have on your self esteem!