Monday, April 12, 2010

TWINKLE Giveaway!

Add some SHINE to your wardrobe this spring & summer with one of our sparkly cocktail rings! They’re simply the perfect accessory to flash in the brilliant sunshine all season long. Whether heading to lounge at the pool or to a swanky event on the lake; one of these sparkles will be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit!

Here are a few of our favorite TWINKLE rings:

Black & White Fancy Pansy

Queen of the Nile

Crème Le Fleur

Twinkle of Your Eye

To enter our giveaway contest you must do one of the following…or better yet to increase your chances…do all:

• Follow us on Twitter
• Leave a blog comment regarding the giveaway
• Tweet about which of the four rings selected above is your favorite and why (remember to @twinkleboutique so we see your tweet)

It’s that easy! Last day to participate is Sunday April 25th…we select a winner on Monday April 26th.

Good luck!!!


  1. I LOVE all of these rings--they are super chic and fun and could be the "cherry on top" to any outfit! :) It's hard to choose, but "Queen of the Nile" is my favorite--I love the pop of the turquoise against the gold, and the added sparkle to jazz it up even further. It captures the whole bohemian essence while simultaneously adding an injection of elegance and class making it perfect for going summer/beach casual, or for a night on the town! :) Keep up the good work--love your stu

  2. Twinkle of Your Eye is my favorite ring. It is super cute and goes with everything. It is a classic piece and adds a lot of fun to your wardrobe. It is a conversation piece. It is chic and cute! It is perfect for all occassions.

  3. I simply love the Black and White Fansy Pansy and cannot wait to add this must have item to my Twinkle collection! What an absolutely fabulous find for spring/summer and a perfect compliment to a day at the office or an evening out. And ladies, I am delighted to see that every time I pick up the latest fashion magazines and discover the current trends, I know that I will find them on your website. Can't wait to see what's next! Keep up the great work!!

  4. I love all of these rings, I couldn't decide between the twinkle of your eye and the black and white fancy, and so I left it up to Kaitlyn (my 3 yr old) and she picked black and white fancy because it is a beautiful flower...and wants to know if it is kids size;)