Thursday, April 22, 2010

T*W*I*N*K*L*E News: Introducing Winnie Kaspar Designs!

TB: You are very creative. When /How did your creative knack start?
Winnie: I was exposed to handmade things my whole life. My mother used to sew and I took three years of home economics in high school and it just sparked from there.

TB: You are a mother of nine! Did you used to make homemade things for them when they were growing up? Do you make jewelry for them now?

Winnie: I used to make a lot of their clothing. I have four daughters and five sons. When they were little, I would love to make little dresses and pant suits. For my daughters I made anything frilly, with lace or netting, pastel colors and of course pink! I currently make jewelry for my daughters and myself. I recently took up crochet and I enjoy making winter scarves.

TB: What inspires you to pick out the beading for your jewelry?

Winnie: I like anything bright and that twinkles! I’m into anything shiny and crystals. Something eye catching but still on the feminine side.

Thanks so much Winnie! We LOVE your pieces and know that they will do well...we love anything bright that twinkles too! :)

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