Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Scarves

We all know that a pop of color, some Twinkle jewelry, and a fun hat can really "make" a statement. The perfect Summer Scarf is no exception! I for one especially love a good Summer Scarf and have found them helpful to have in the closet to complete a special look! Here are a few of my favorite looks and styles incorporating the Swanky Summer Scarf!

Large Fuschia Scarf with Small flower design

Dress up any basic outfit with this Classic Scarf offered by Neiman Marcus D&G

Lightweight Scarf that can worn in the Fall offered at Nordstrom & Luna

A Polka Dot Scarf can add the fun in any collection

Lightweight Scarf found at
We hope you are having an awesome week and remember to keep *Twinkling*!! xo- Caroline & Tonya

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