Thursday, August 4, 2011

Twinkle Travel Tips!

Going on a fabulous trip this August?! Every Twinkle Gal deserves a great VACAY during the "dog days" of Summer!

Here are a few Beauty Tips to keep you relaxed and rejuvenated! Enjoy!

Twinkle Boutique's "Jacqueline" earrings

1) PACKING EARRINGS - To bring a selection of earrings on your trip, get a pre-cut felt square at a fabric store and simply fasten the earrings through the felt then roll it. This allows you to bring lots of earrings, protects each pair from damage and takes up almost no space! Fasten the roll with a rubber band to keep it from unrolling. This could slip easily into a shoe when packing.

2) TRAVEL SIZE SKIN CARE- Oil of Olay Daily Facials cleansing cloths are wonderful! They are dry and you can put as many of these practically weightless squares as you need in a Ziploc bag. They remove makeup, cleanse, and moisturize without taking separate cleansers, makeup removers, washcloths, etc. Just wet one, lather and wash, then throw it away!
3) SUMMER CLOTHING TIP- Pick two complimentary colors for your wardrobe. We like to use the principal of 2 plus 2 plus 5 = 30. Two dresses, two pants, two skirts plus two accessories and five tops. Using these outfits you can mix and match for 30 different looks.

Make sure your wardrobe is comfortable by using soft breathable fabrics and is appropriate for your destination. Look at the garments you own and decide what you will need to add. Purchase the less expensive items like T-shirts and tops and spend your value time making dresses, designer jeans, tunics and jewelry your top priority. Sometimes LESS IS MORE!! A casual tee-shirt, jeans and fun chunky necklace will keep you looking *radiant* and *twinkling*!

Happy Summer!!

xo- Caroline & Tonya


  1. Thanks for the much needed travel tips, as I am packing for a trip to Europe. In addition, I plan to pack my toiletries and makeup in separate zip lock bags. I also want to stay fit while in vacation; hence, I'm bringing my handy dandy jump rope. The jump rope is practical for me because I rented a share house in South of France which has a huge patio. For travelers in hotel rooms with DVD access...why not bring a workout video?

  2. Twinkle jewelry is much better to bring on vacation! I once had a diamond ring stollen on a business trip. Thanks for the information.