Thursday, October 27, 2011

Did Someone say E-PARTY??

Have you recently had a baby? Or a promotion at work? Are you constantly carpooling your kids all around town? Are the days turning into weeks too fast for your liking? Have you been dying to get together with your girlfriends, shop and relax but have had zero time to fit into your busy schedule?

If you answered YES to any of these questions *Twinkle* has a simple solution for you... A "Twinkle* "E-Party"!! {The next best thing to a *Twinkle* Home party}. We are happy to offer online e-parties in addition to our home parties! 

Here's the "Skinny"

As an e-party hostess, you will receive $15.00 boutique credit and 10% boutique credit on your total sales. We will email you an invitation including your party code and you will forward it to as many friends and family as you like. Your guests will simply enter your party code and checkout and you will receive 10% boutique credit! It's so simple! All items on our site are included. E-parties last for 7 days, at the end of 7 days we will email you your party sales total and your credit amount. You will have 4 weeks to use your credit amount. All boutique credit not used within the 28 day period will expire. You will also receive an additional $15 boutique credit for each e-party show that books through yours!

Interested in hosting an e-party? Please email us at !!

Make it a great day!
xo- Caroline & Tonya

Also visit to check back regarding new merchandise updates!

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  1. Cool idea! I like that. It will be fun to see how much money I can drum up. Kinda like gambling but much healthier, cost free, and a for sure win! ;) Julie