Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Getting your *TWINKLE* On!

Good Morning beautiful Twinkle darlings! As many of you know, "Getting your Twinkle On" is both a LITERAL TERM {wearing and showing off your beautiful and favorite Twinkle jewelry} and a MINDSET {Having that extra *spark*, *twinkle*, *light in eyes*, *positive attitude* and *femininity* to get you through the day!}

Most Twinkle Gals have both! Wearing fabulous Twinkle jewelry to shine and having that sparkly MINDSET. We will take either at any given time.

Here are a few of the Twinkle Gals favorite pieces to make sure you are "Getting your *TWINKLE* on!

Velvet Stretch Ring $18

Honor Earrings $12

Stella $16

Enjoy your day and keep *twinkling*
xo- Caroline & Tonya

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