Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Twinkle "Beauty Tip" Thursday!

Heading out to the beach? You might think that all you're going to need is a bikini, a towel, your i-pod, some magazines & a plan to just lie back, relax, and tan, but you're going to need more than that to make your time in the sun and sand a lot better. Since you're going to be exposed to the sun, the heat, and saltwater, you'd better come prepared and protected. Pack these in your bags to be totally beach-ready.

Let's keep this week's Twinkle "Beauty Tip" Sweet & Simple.

• A good sunscreen, because obviously, you're not going to want to end the day looking fried and you definitely don't want to damage your skin.

• A stylish cover-up for the times when you're not going to be in the water. You can also make do with a sarong.

• A hat to protect your hair. Make it fun & fabulous!

• Beachworthy footwear. Flipflops or the infamous "Rainbows": Steer clear of heels because even though they can make you look like a towering sun goddess, they're really not going to do well on the sand.

Have an awesome weekend & keep *TWINKLING*!!!

Caroline & Tonya


  1. you are so stinking cute. for reals. love you.

    um...and if kellie peeekler is, in fact, your guest-of-honor for an event??? YOU BETTER LET ME KNOW. oh, that when i'm GOING TO BE THERE!? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.


  2. I think it's cool to wear bright TWINKLE earrings and necklaces to the beach. Seriously. One wants to make a fashion statement, and, yet, not worry about losing expensive jewelry.